We never recommend depending on mail forwarding as we can't guarantee your package will deliver and it will likely take several weeks to arrive For these reasons, if you are moving, you should either pause your subscription or provide us with the new address before the 8th of the month prior to your next shipment. We are not responsible for packages not received due to forwarding, as it is up to you to let us know of a new address either by updating your account or by emailing us.

You can log in to your account to update your address at any time. 

Please understand that we can only ship packages to the address provided and once your package starts forwarding with the Postal Service, we can't guarantee a smooth delivery. Hopefully you will receive it, but if your package does not deliver, as a courtesy, we can reship the package to the updated address for a $10 reship fee.

Additionally, if your package is being forwarded but you do not wish to wait to see if your package delivers, we can do an immediate reshipment ($10 fee) and a new package will go out to the updated address with our next batch of shipments. 

Once your package has shipped and it is in transit to the address on file, we don't have any control over your package until it's either delivered by USPS or returned to us. Forwarded packages can typically take 8 or more weeks to arrive from the date of the first attempted delivery, so it's best not to have your Splendies sent to an outdated address.