In order to process all of the subscriptions we need any address changes, subscription preference updates, or size changes made BEFORE the 8th of the month to ensure that your request is made for that month's subscription. 

Changes made on the 8th or after will result in the change being applied for the following month's subscription. We do need time to process and ship all packages and so the 8th of the month is our dedicated cut-off date.

Splendies Monthly Schedule

7th - Last day to update any subscription changes or address updates

7th - Last day to cancel your subscription so as not to be billed for that month's pacakge.

11th - All Month to Month subscriptions renew and are processed

19th - Packages are mailed out and tracking emails are sent

24th-27th - Recurring packages that renewed after the 11th are mailed out

1st-2nd (of following month) - Final mailing of subscriptions that renewed at the end of the month.