We get this question a lot. You can get different pairs if you get different types of packages and your size is Small, Medium, and Large.

Each month of Splendies is something entirely different from the month before but there's only a limited number of items that we'll send out each month and this depends on the size.

So if you want to receive completely different items each month you'd need to log into your account and make one subscripton an ALL THONG package and the other as a NO THONG package. Sometimes the thongs in the ALL THONG package will coincide with a thong from the Surprise Variety package, but obviously if you get a NO THONG package and an ALL THONG package, you'd receive completely different items. 

If your size is Extra Large through 4X the options there are the NO THONG subscription and the SURPRISE VARIETY subscription and you may receive similar items in each from month to month with 2 different subscriptions.