Each month of Splendies is something entirely different from the month before, but there's only a limited number of items that we'll send out each month. You can get all different pairs of Splendies every month as long as you have one subscription set as a NO THONG package and the other as an ALL THONG package. 

Please note that the non-thong items included in the No Thong and Surprise Variety package are the same, and sometimes a thong in the Surprise Variety Package will coincide with a thong from the All Thong package. But if you get a NO THONG package and an ALL THONG package, you will receive completely different items. 

If you need assistance on how to update your account or how to add a second subscription, please see our FAQs here:

How Do I Add a 2nd Subscription to My Account?

How Do I Change My Type of Package?

And you can always Contact Us if you need further assistance.