Want more Splendies or need to add a second (or third!) subscription for a friend or loved one? It's simple! You can add all of your subscriptions under your original account so that you can manage everything in one place.

First, log into your account using the same email you used to set up your first subscription.

1. Press the "Subscribe" button to start a new subscription (located at the top left of the account page on the computer, or at the bottom of the page on a cellphone)
2. Now select the size/style for your second subscription
3.Enter the shipping info for the new subscription
4. Your billing information will already be entered
5. Complete checkout to start the new subscription
That's it! You'll have added on another subscription! You can now go back to your account page and you should see all of your subscriptions listed under Your Subscription(s). You can make any future changes to each subscription from here.  

The package for your new subscription will process to ship out with the next batch of shipments and you'll receive a shipping notification once it's in transit. For recurring months, you'll receive a separate shipping email for each active subscription. Packages are shipped in batches, so if you have multiple subscriptions, they may not ship at the exact same time.

Please note, if you're adding a 2nd subscription for yourself and do not want to receive duplicates, you will want to make one of your subscriptions a NO THONG package and the other an ALL THONG package. You can see more information here