Due to the overwhelming demand of Splendies, the renewals for all new order subscriptions placed after April 17th, 2020 are backordered. You'll still receive your first package and you'll be placed on a first come, first serve wait list for your subsequent packages.


What does this mean for me?

If you ordered your first subscription PRIOR to April 18th, 2020 - nothing. It doesn't change anything! You'll receive your first month and your subscription will renew on schedule.

If you ordered your first subscription AFTER April 18th, 2020 then you'll still receive your first order. As long as you keep your subscription ACTIVE (not skipped or canceled) you'll be put on a wait list for your renewal and will be notified when you're set to be taken off and we're able to process your next package. You won't be billed for your package until it's ready to ship.

We've also temporarily suspended the ability to order prepaid accounts until further notice. However, you can always start a month to month subscription at any time.