You can reactivate your account at anytime by logging into your personal Member Account page. Locate the subscription that you want to activate and click REACTIVATE.

Here you'll be able to Update Your Information including your preference, size and even your term. Be sure to select your shipping address and payment method.

If you need to change your address you can do that by following the instructions here.

If you need to update to a new billing method you can do so by following the instructions here. 

Note - We suggest making these changes PRIOR to reactivating your account. That way you'll be able to be sure that you receive your next Splendies to the address that you prefer and your appropriate billing method is used.

Once you've confirmed your shipping and payment options click the REACTIVATE button. You'll be brought to the confirmation screen.

Confirm that everything associated with your account is correct and then click the CONFIRM button. Voila! We'll be processing your Splendies for the next shipment right to your door.