Yes! And shipping starting September 1, 2020 is now absolutely FREE again to Canada!

That's right, 100% absolutely free.

You will receive your tracking notification once your package ships. Tracking will let you know once your package reaches Canada and will not track after that. Please allow 10-14 days (sometimes longer during holiday times and busier times of the month) for your Splendies to be delivered to you after it reaches the border. We aren't able to provide reshipments for incorrect addresses. Reshipments may incur a $10 fee for expedited reshipment.

Note: Please be patient with international shipments. Splendies packages can take a little while longer due to customs but please know that your Splendies are on their way.

If you place your order for a monthly subscription at the end of the month, you may not receive your first package until after your subscription renews. If you do not want to be billed for a second month before your first package arrives, you can log in and skip the next month or cancel your subscription (you can always restart it at anytime in the future).